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A brief on IFRA - Indian Football Referees' Association

The Indian Football Referees' Association (IFRA)
P.O. Box 341, 15454 Dasman, Kuwait
President: A.E. D'Souza
Vice President: Peter S. Monteiro
Gen. Secretary: Diago F. Rebello
Treasurer: Sabino A. Anes
Contact person: A.E. D'Souza - Tel: 2409253/4
Peter S. Monteiro - Tel: 4316956 (R)
Diego F. Rebello - Tel: 5715906 (O)
Sabino A. Anes - Tel: 2422091 (O) / 2662071 (R)
Organizes coach/training classes for new referees as well as updates members on new rules of FIFA, etc.

(Managing Committee Year 1998)

Indian Football Referees Association (IFRA) in Kuwait
TEL: 25633261 Email:

This association was formed on December 5, 1980, by a group of Seven-7 expatriate Indians, qualified as referee and the members of Bombay and Goa Referees' Associations, later called as, the Founder Members, with the blessings of The Kuwait Football Association.
The Association was then headed by (late) Mr. Jerome Pascoal D'Mello, (popularly known in India and Kuwait as J.P). Ex-FIFA Referee and Member of Asian Football Confederation Referees Committee and Ex-Hon. Secretary and member of
Bombay Referees' Association, as President, until his departure to India in 1986. Mr. D'Mello, who lived in Andheri East, Bombay, left for his heavenly abode in 1994.

He was succeeded by Vice-President, Mr. Dominic Monserrate, a member of Goa Football Referees' Association, for a brief period as President in 1987.

Mr. Apolinaris Ejechial D'souza, a member of Bombay Referees' Association since 1964, and the Founder Hon. Secretary from 1980 to 1986, a Member of the Board of Examiners from its inception, took over the reigns of the Association, as President and Chairman of the Board of Examiners in March 1988. The association Trains and Recruits new Referees, as its members, who provide services for the supervision of
Football matches for both Indian and other Expatriate Tournament Organizers since 1980.

The association which provided its services form 1980 to various Tournament Organizers prior to the formation of The Kuwait Indian Football Federation (K.I.F.F.) in 1984, which now controls all Expatriates Indians Football activities at the Al-Sour Ground at Kuwait City, also provides its services to KIFF to supervise its Four (4) Regular, Five(5) 7-A-Side and Oner 9-A-Side Non-Regular
Tournaments and the J.P. Memorial Rolling Trophy -KIFF League. Every to others since 1998, such as, the tournaments organized by the United Malayalee Organization, (a group of 13 Indian Malayalee Associations in Kuwait), Biman Bangladesh Tournament-Organized by Biman Bangladesh Airlines-Kuwait and Expatriate League-Organized by Expatriate European/Arabs in Kuwait.

Despite opposition from some political mined members of KIFF the association, under the able leadership and expert guidance of Mr. D'souza, since 1988, the strength of the Association gradually has increased, which is now raised to Thirty-30 members of whom Nineteen-19 are Active Referees. The Examination Sub-Committee, consisting of Mr. D'souza, Chairman, with Members, Mr. Diego Rebello Vice President and Mr. Peter Monteiro Hon. Secretary, regularly conducts two(2) Refreshers and Coaching classes yearly for the benefit of the members and new recruits. The association aims at recruiting and training a good number of players to qualify as referees, which is supported by many players attending the said course for qualification. the Examination sub-Committee conducts its Annual Examinations for its members, during the month of August each year.

I.F.R.A. is the only Recognized and Registered Expatriate Qualified Football Referees' body in Kuwait, being Registered with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. The Football Association and The Referees' Association - U.K., who provide/supply with the "Laws of the Game"/Refrees Charts and other necessary referees' accessories.
The Bombay Referees' Association, provides the association members with the "Soccer Magazine" and other relevant information of latest changes of the Laws of the Game, etc. The Certificates issued by IFRA to its members are recognized in India, by all State Referees' Associations. (Source)
- As documented by Gaspar Almeida in 1994.

Links to IFRA activities as reported in Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter (since 1994)

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